Octopus Reviews Weekly Favorites Week 27

This week favorites includes Intense post sludge from Codeia, Some dreamy shoegaze from Kamikaze girls and the blackenend hardcore from the Norwegian bastards called Sibiir!

Octopus Reviews Weekly Favorites Week 27


1. Codeia
Post Metal/ Ambient/Sludge
Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany

A couple of weeks ago I got a cd in my mailbox from Codeia called ‘’Don’t Be Afraid’’, she whispered and disappeared. Because I was to bust with other stuff I didn’t got a chance to listen to it but a few days ago I took some time to  listen to this LP and I was blowing away by their sound.
If I had to describe it I would say they mix the nice quite parts of baroness with the power of bands like Neurosis for me personal this is a match made in heaven.
When you are dreaming away with the slower parts Codeia wakes you up with some nice sounding Sludgy guitars.

There are only 3 songs on it but the LP takes 46 minutes so there are some intense long songs on this lP.
I was surprised by the quality  of the music, Codeia really delivers a real masterpiece that really needs more attention!
Go Check this stuff out!


For fans of: Neurosis,Baroness and Cult of Luna



    2.Kamikaze Girls
Shoegaze/ Fuzz Rock
Leeds, UK

If I listen to music like this I think of people that are skating or long summer nights.
But that’s just me.
Kamikaze Girls are vocalist and guitarist Lucinda Livingstone with on drums Conor Dawson.

I love the fact that they sound dreamy and dirty at the same time because I like music that isn’t perfect or tight.
Also  Kamikaze Girls is a way for Lucinda to write all her demons out and I have to say she does a great fucking job at it!
It really sounds amazing something refreshing!
I love a band that isn’t afraid to let people have a look inside their heart.
It makes the music more real.

For fans of: Nothing,Blood Red Shoes and Husker Du



Genre: Blackened Hardcore
Oslo, Norway

I found this band because they were on a European tour with Kvelertak.
So I was very curious about how they would sound because a band like Kvelertak really throws a lot of genre’s into a blender and then you got this great mix of Death,Punk and rock’n Roll
But Sibiir is more a mix of Hardcore,Sludge and Black metal it sounds a lot more darker then Kvelertak.

Sibiir is sounding like a mean beast on the loose that is going to destroy everything what comes in their way.
Their self-titled debut album saw daylight in June.
I couldnt find anything about a upcoming release but I will keep my eyes open because this some good shit!

For fans of: Converge,Kvelertak, and Black metal lovers

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