Telekinetic Yeti (Stonerrock/Doom)

Sometimes I can’t really believe that Octopus Reviews is growing so fast. Because it’s basically just a one men show. Then you see that you don’t have to be with a lot people to reach something or to create a big sound.
That leads me to Telekinetic Yeti a stonerrock/doom duo from Iowa, USA. Iowa is mostly known for the hometown of Slipknot, they even named their second album after it. But today it’s not about the 9 headed beast called Slipknot, it’s about a 2 headed Telekinetic Yeti!

I was searching for new music to be reviewed when I spotted the name Telekinetic Yeti on Facebook. The fact that they are just a duo also grabbed my attention.
Then the first thing I always do is look at the artwork, because it says a lot about the atmosphere of the music.

Listening to the first notes of their first full-length album Abominable already put a smile upon my face. It’s exactly what I expected and maybe even more!
I can hear influences from bands like Elder and Torche but that’s a good thing!

The album starts with the title track Abominable, what a way to start an album with!
From the beginning it’s really just spot on! You can hear that lovely fuzzy guitar sound, I just love how nasty it sounds!  Listening to this song it just feels like a great fucking jam from two dudes who are just having a lot of fun. This song also reminds me of the Swedish band GOAT.

What I like about this record is that you never get that feeling that it needs more.
It totally makes sense that there are only two members in this band. The songs on Abominable groove so fucking well and I just have to talk about the riffs on this record!
Just listen to songs like Electronaut, Stoned and Feathered and Lightbearer. They are filled with great fucking riffs combined with some great drumming.

My favorite of the album is the last song of the track Himalayan Hymn.
This is just a great fucking track.
It starts with some nice laid back guitar but slowly turns into a fuzz tornado that just destroys everything that comes in its way.
Just listen to that riff on 3.20 it is such a nasty motherfucker of a riff!

After hearing Abominable I can only say that I think Telekinetic Yeti is going to destroy a lot of stages with this album. They prove that you can rock as hard with 2 people as some bands do with 9.

If you are a big fan of the doom, sludge and stoner genre then Telekinetic Yeti is a must hear. It’s too soon to say that this is going to be an album for the year list but I already nominated it! Also thanks to Sump Pump Records for sending me the promo material!
If you are interested in buying  Abominable you can get it here and fore Europe here.


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